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We at Epenh Co. Ltd have introduced a coupon book for Phnom Penh. We have done five demo runs in the last six month and have gathered vital marketing information which will enable promoting your business to the various demographic in Phnom Penh. Our Coupon book and Web site is now ready for business. We have now over 200 Locations for selling and promoting coupon books in Phnom Penh. We have now decided to launch a three month Promotion Period for Coupon Books and will do a distribution of Over 24,000 Coupon Books in Phnom Penh per quarterly issue.

Lucky draw of same value +/-

Business Can Offer – Free Products and Service of +/- deemed Value as Cross Promotion which will be offered as prizes which will be conducted.

Cross promotion of our website: Delivery order for Takeaway 555

Value of food to be provided to for a coupon deal in Penhdeals

Joint Promotion

Certain Areas where there can be joint promotion or marketing campaign proposal such as – Coupon for service or product can be considered

Risk Promotion

Your Business pays us an agreed commission for redeemed coupons

Sell our coupon books on commission basis

Selling our coupon book at your location.

Bulk Discounts with our other websites and cross over promotion:

Terms and Conditions Apply – Subject to both parties approving the promotion.

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- Three Page + $ 400 + 10% OFF
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