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Mobile Application Development

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Native App Development

Product companies have a clear inclination towards native app development to deliver the best device fidelity, user experience and hardware specific features.

Cross Platform App Development

Enterprise-to-consumer apps for fueling demand of cross platform app development to rapidly develop and deploy mobile apps on several mobile platforms.

Enterprise Mobility Solutions

Enterprise mobility solutions, being the most disruptive technological innovation today, setting mobile driven processes and aligning workforce in effective way.

Mobile App Strategy

Mobile app strategy begins with the idea of interaction. The ultimate goal is to build the app that provides customers with exactly, what they want.

Mobile App Monetization

With $70 billion app related revenues expected by 2017, freemium apps leading the stock but in-app advertising is taking monetization to next level.

Best User Experience

User experience is way more than the way, app looks in terms of user interfaces. Its about providing “WOW” feeling to users, while they navigate.

What Feature We Have

Multi Lingual Support

Mobile Application created using
Mobikul App Builder support all major

Interactive Themes

Mobikul App Builder comes with
Interactive Themes which enhancement the App’s appearance.

Voice Search

Mobile Application created using
Mobikul App Builder gives an ability of Voice Search.

Push Notifications

Push Notifications are the key fact or to engage a user to Continuous
External Triggers.

Mobile and Tablet

Mobile Application created using
Mobikul App Builder is compatible with both Mobile and Tablet.

Sync Between Store and App

Mobile Application created using
Mobikul App Builder that can sync
between store and app.

Open Code

Code for Mobikul App Builder comes with Open Code Label and so can be modules as per needs.

Fully Customization

Mobikul App Builder is highly flexible and can be used to create app for any sort of eCommerce Store.

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